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Next Generation In Flight Entertainment

StoreBox InFlight™ is focused on the growing popularity of handheld personal entertainment devices, specifically the fact that 85+% of travelers (and growing) have their own entertainment devices, which in many cases have superior and constantly improving, resolution compared to installed systems.

StoreBox InFlight Welcomes Strategic Partners

The Company’s objective is to provide: 

  • Passengers with the widest possible array of free entertainment
  • Airlines with the smallest, lightest, easiest and least expensive system to install and operate video on demand system

The Company has many vendors and strategic partners today.

However to achieve that objective and maintain leadership the Company is always seeking new strategic and vendor relationships with companies in a wide variety of disciplines and product categories.


Aircraft Equipment

  • Servers, WAPS, Cellular and Other Communications Connectivity means
  • Credit Card processing hardware and software for transaction processing and transmission

In Flight Advertisers, Sponsors or Direct Response Catalogue and Merchandise Marketers

With the E+ System passengers can place credit card orders in flight, request information, receive coupons, make reservations, etc.

Airline Passengers (700 Million per year) are a very valuable demographic and target for many reasons: 

  • They are relatively affluent
  • They are most apt to have credit cards
  • They are captive on an airplane, with free time and a credit card
  • They are captive and have the time to read and learn about a new program, service or promotion
  • They are the early adopters of new hand held devices as well as new applications
  • They are more than comfortable using hand held devices for entertainment, news,  games and information
  • They are by definition apt to visit destinations with which they not familiar
  • They have been proven to respond to customer loyalty incented programs
  • They are obviously a very attractive target for one of the largest categories of advertisers; Travel Advertising - Airlines, Hotels, Rental Car, Cruises, Portable Electronics, Tours, Destination restaurants, shows, events, etc.

One large airline’s demographics


StoreBox InFlight is Always Seeking Advertisers

  • Fleet wide or destination based (advertising shown only to passengers on their way to Hawaii, Orlando, Chicago, etc.)
  • Fixed ads, 30 second spots or long format 5+ minute advertisements
  • Advertisers desiring leads from responsive passengers (real estate, financial services, etc.)

As well as other In flight Sales/Revenue Generator Partners

  • Direct response catalogues – Clothing, merchandise, electronics and other items of interest to airline passenger demographic
  • Other promotions, coupons and offers


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