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StoreBox InFlight™ is focused on the growing popularity of handheld personal entertainment devices, specifically the fact that 85+% of travelers (and growing) have their own entertainment devices, which in many cases have superior and constantly improving, resolution compared to installed systems.


Smallest, Lightest, Least Expensive VOD System

Designed by a very experienced team to uniquely address Commercial Airline

Needs and Objectives:  Passenger Service, Marketing, Operations & Financial

 The Problem with Today’s InFlight Entertainment Solutions

For airlines in today’s economy, adding conventional inflight entertainment is expensive in many ways:

    • Expensive – $400,000 - $2,000,000 to install
    • Can require extensive out of service time to install/repair $50,000+ per day in lost revenues
    • Incur longer maintenance checks  
    • Can require precious space
    • Can become obsolete
    • Can cost a single aircraft $50,000+ a year in extra fuel
      • Installed systems can weigh 200-2,000 pounds and
      • Adds significant weight/fuel expense and can cost a lot in fuel

    A Better Solution for Today’s Traveler

    Most all passengers have their own entertainment devices… which in many cases have superior and constantly improving video resolution and sound quality, as compared to installed systems. 

    Passengers can enjoy entertainment on their own devices.   

    • Stream movies and entertainment
    • Enjoy it immediately on their device
    • Will play on 95% of all portable devices
    • Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, most any device with WiFi.
    • No DVD’s or other physical media to buy or return
    • Credit card processing in flight for a vast array of shopping opportunities
    • Passengers’ PED’s don’t add incremental IFE system weight


    Passenger Benefits

    Below is an example of a passenger menu that is customized to meet an airline's objectives and provides a broad array of 60+ hours of FREE Entertainment for Passengers on any sized aircraft:


    A Total Program: Unique Features, Advantages and Benefits

    1. A Single Source, Turnkey and Complete Entertainment and Content System
    • Equipment: Certification, Installation, Maintenance
    • Content Sourcing and Refreshment Service
    • In Flight Shopping Catalog Sourcing and Order Processing
    • Credit Card Data Processing
    • Data Collection and Analytics
    • In Flight Advertisers and Sponsors
    • On Ground Companion Website and Marketing Promotions
    2. Least Expensive to Install
    • Under $100K or under $2k per month lease for a complete system including:
    FAA Certification, over night installation at ramp without taking aircraft out of service
    All equipment; servers, WAP’s, air/ground 4G link unit
    3. Smallest, Lightest and Ultra Reliable:
    • Dual 2 MCU servers, 6 pounds, 3 WAPs for the (passenger) cabin
    • iGATE gateway for wireless 4G update of the system while at the gate
    4. No Required Crew Involvement – Credit card upload and content refresh on ground at gate via 3G-4G modem
    5. Broad Array of (Programming) 60+ Hours of FREE Entertainment for Passengers:
    20 Movies, 20 TV Shows, 20 Music Albums, Daily News Show, 10 Documentaries,
    10 Daily Newspapers, 10 Popular Magazines, 6 Books, 10 Games, 12 Shopping Catalogues,
    Destination Video and Site: Destination based advertising, special coupons, offers and bookings for your airline’s passengers
    6. FREE Per Flight/Per Tail (or approaching $0) per Month Operating Costs for Airlines
    • Passengers access (to) various known popular shopping malls
    • Airline profits from fleet wide and destination based advertising
    • Special Promotional Revenue from one Key Sponsor can guarantee balance of operating cost
    7. Passenger Profile and Data Analytics Program
    • To ensure your in-flight product mix is always improving and the best in the business, passenger activity; entertainment selection, products purchased, advertising watched is summarized and provided to airline and used to revise product mix and other offerings.
    • Unique airline promotional opportunities, including cross sell opportunities; airlines’ partners
    8. Includes a Companion Website
    • Airline’s promotions to passengers the other 300+ days a year when they are not in flight.
    • Entertainment, special offers, airline promotions to drive passengers back to the airline reservation site.

    Content System Fundamentals

    The system is equipped with a cellular module 4G and 3G, which we access for credit card transactions and orders uploads (which will be confirmed with email confirmations) and daily content downloads; Newspapers, News Feeds, updates to entertainment, promotions, advertising and other content while the aircraft is at the ramp:

    Aircraft does not need Wi-Fi satellite or ground connectivity or any interaction by crew or ground personnel.

    Working directly with each airline and its existing content, advertising, merchandising relationships, StoreBox InFlight will develop a custom entertainment, merchandise and advertising offering, which will be loaded onto the onboard server.

    Generating In Flight Revenues to Offset In Flight Content and Operating Costs

    StoreBox InFlight’s objective is to have the least expensive system for an airline to install and operate. 

    To reduce per flight or per tail per month operating costs StoreBox InFlight has several unique revenue generating programs and relationships that we use as a means of reducing per flight content and operating costs.

    1. In Flight Entertainment Purchases – Passengers receive 60 hours of content for free, and some can be made available for rent or purchase:  Premium Movie Package, Premium Games, Tablet Books to Purchase
    2. Passengers Purchases from Online Shopping Malls – Airlines can select from popular direct mail and online shopping catalogs
    3. Fleet Wide and Destination Based Advertising Revenues – Our servers present advertising based on the aircraft’s destination greatly increasing the number of interested, in flight advertisers.  Our advertising partner can arrange for advertisers/sponsors within each destination.
    4. Special Promotional Revenue from a Key Sponsor can guarantee balance of operating cost by subsidizing any per flight losses in return for promoting their destination locator service

    E+ System Also includes a Companion Website

    ABC Airline Online Entertainment and Merchandise Store  

    • Passengers can access on the ground the other 300+ days when not on board.
    • New movie releases, special promotions for products insure frequent repeat visits
    • Changing ABC Airline promotions driving traffic back to ABC Airline Reservations

    E+ System Most Common Airline Applications

    • Airlines that have never had inflight entertainment due to initial and ongoing costs, installation down time, fuel, weight penalty, space, or
    • Small regional jets, Commuters, MD-80’s where IFE has never been practical, or
    • Supplementing or replacing older, obsolete systems on all aircraft including wide bodies
    • Providing world class entertainment on end-of-lifecycle aircraft; MD-80’s, 757’s, others.
    • Providing airlines with multi sized aircraft; regional jets to wide bodies, with fleet wide entertainment and continuity

    E+ System in Summary

    • Complete:  Turnkey package available equipment, installation, maintenance, content, sponsors
    • Small and  ultra reliable:  dual 2 MCU servers, 6 pounds each, an optional iGATE gateway for wireless 4G update of the system while at the gate,  plus 3 WAPs for the cabin
    • Equipment has a solid pedigree: FAA certified servers/equipment on aircraft today
    • No obsolescence:  Content to passengers’ ever improving devices
    • Ultra light:  System weighs less than 50 pounds, little extra fuel burn
    • No out of service installation expense:  Installed at ramp overnight
    • No crew involvement:  Automatic credit card processing and content changing
    • Inexpensive to operate:  Airline profits on sales; entertainment, merchandise, and available destination based advertising and promotions, bookings and discounts for your passengers.
    • In General - The Most Affordable:  Affordable capital outlay $96,000 per aircraft, least affordable to operate per flight/per tail per month, least weight…little incremental fuel burn and no crew time.

    Next Action

    With a minimal amount of information, we will gladly provide a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) proposal for consideration. 

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