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Next Generation In Flight Entertainment

StoreBox InFlight™ is focused on the growing popularity of handheld personal entertainment devices, specifically the fact that 85+% of travelers (and growing) have their own entertainment devices, which in many cases have superior and constantly improving, resolution compared to installed systems.


Company Overview and History

StoreBox InFlight is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and founded in 2011 to develop digital entertainment applications for people on-the-go, away from home and their flat screen entertainment. 

The Company’s founders have been involved with the latest digital content applications for the last ten years beginning with the successful introduction and marketing of the digEplayer® the first hard drive portable in flight entertainment player, which was introduced at the WAEA Show in 2003 and was rapidly accepted by two dozen airlines worldwide, was selected the “In Flight Entertainment Company of the Year in 2004Frost and Sullivan and awarded "IFE product of the year 2004London, IPEC/LARA Annual Conference.

Management saw some marketing similarities with the advent of inflight wireless 802.11a/b/n entertainment. Consequently, StoreBox InFlight set out in 2012 to design and develop a wireless entertainment system that would provide passengers with the widest possible array of free entertainment, while giving the airlines the smallest, lightest, easiest and least expensive system to install and least expensive to operate…an entertainment win-win.

Since the company was not burdened with the legacy of heavy and expensive seat back video on demand systems in its Company product mix, its approach was a fresh top-down design focused on airline customer needs: Passenger Service, Marketing, Operations and Financial.

To design and build this new system the Company recruited a team of a dozen very experienced (25 years average) executives, engineers, developers and technicians from; airlines, airline entertainment, major studios, major in flight systems manufacturers, content service providers, aircraft equipment installation, and the founders that introduced the first portable hard drive-based, in flight entertainment (IFE) system. 

Additionally the Company has aligned with a top streaming software company, manufacturers of leading technology; servers, Wireless Access Points, antennas and other equipment, the largest in flight content providers, global in-flight credit card processing and PCI compliance company.  The company is now forming relationships with companies to provide world-class global support to the installed systems.

To make the program affordable with its own marketing and revenue generation/cost offsetting program for airlines, the Company aligned with an in-flight merchandising expert, an inflight advertising company, an entertainment website design/operations company and a database data analytics company.

Of course not all airlines need the Company’s complete and turnkey system; hardware, content, marketing, inflight advertising, promotional, research and companion website services.

However, the E+ System does achieve the Company’s design objectives:

  • Passengers with the widest possible array of free entertainment…
  • Airlines with the smallest, lightest, easiest and least expensive system to install and operate video on demand system

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